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Greencross Vets, keeping you up to date with news and events both locally and Australia wide. This area of our website also contains articles of interest for your reading pleasure.

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The Tree Of Hope

Show your support to animals in need this Christmas by purchasing a $3, $5 or $10 decoration to hang on the Tree of Hope.
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Extreme weather warning

We are urging all pet parents to ensure their pets are kept cool and inside where possible over the coming days. Extreme heatwave conditions are continuing to develop and are expected to reach record highs for this time of year across the country.
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New Parvovirus Strain

Recent media reports are stating that there is a new type of canine parvovirus that has been identified in parts of Australia. We have received information and advice from our vaccine supplier regarding the protection against the new parvovirus strain.
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Enjoy a Safe Easter with your Pets!

Easter is often a time for celebration, reflection, family and eating. But don’t forget - chocolate and treats we enjoy so much can be toxic to our pets.
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Calicivirus Alert

Recently, you may have heard media reports stating that local councils are preparing to release a new strain of Calicivirus. We take the health of your beloved pet very seriously and we encourage you to check that their vaccination program is up to date.
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